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Who pays if a driver does not have auto insurance but the passenger does?

Who pays if a driver does not have auto insurance but the passenger does?for the driver – there will no coverage. For the passenger the same as well. It is your responsibility as a passenger, to be sure that the vehicle you are driving in is INSURED, always.

If your insurance pays you for an auto accident and the insurance company for the driver who hit you do you have to comeback one check?

If the other company only gave you the deductible amount, then most likely not. But if both paid you the total amount, then you should turn the other company’s check to yours. If the larger check came from the other driver’s insurance, I’d come back the check from your own insurance company – you’re entitled to the deductible amount, if you’re not at fault.

If a passenger died in a car accident where it was determined the other driver was at fault whose insurance pays the victim’s family?

In most states, the law would hold both parties responsible. Therefore, both companies would be liable for any judgment rendered. The extent of each could be determined by the policies and/or the court. That would not mean that the victims family could not file a lawsuit.

If an auto insurance pays for medical claims and a settlement is received from an at-fault driver for bodily injury is that to repay the insurance co?

According to my insurance company, if i receive money from theat fault other driver as in a settlement, then yes I have to repaymy own insurance company for the medical related expenses they paidfor me that fell under my medical coverage policy. So if you have10,000 in bodily injury and you used Five,000 in medical and you wereawarded 20,000 by the other insurance company, you must pay themback that Five,000 and can keep the rest. This may not be true for allcompanies. Your claim advisor or insurance agent should be able toanswer for you. The other screwy thing is that if you have to go tocourt to get a settlement or any money awarded, my insurancecompany said they will not pay for any costs associated with alawyer or court but that if I get any money, I HAVE to pay themback all the medical they paid out on my behalf. I can choose toget whatever settlement is suggested and get the leftovers, I canhire an attorney(out of my pocket) or I can do nothing. I am notsure why we pay these people. .
In the UK there are very clear distinctions betweencompensation for agony and suffering for bodily injury and financialexpenses such as medical expenses. Often the sums paid by your autoinsurer on your behalf including vehicle repair expense will beclaimed directly by your auto insurer from the person at faultwhilst your solicitor deals with the claim for your bodily injuryand extra financial losses. However, your solicitor willliaise cautiously with your auto insurer to ensure that theinsurer’s rights are not prejudiced and all decent monies arerecovered. To see examples of the types of compensation you canclaim click the related link entitled “traffic accidentcompensation”. .
In Florida, the reaction depends on whether you haveuninsured/under-insured motorist (“UM”) coverage. Very first, your owncompany must pay the very first $10k, then the at-fault party must paythe remainder, up to the policy thresholds. If the at-fault party’spolicy boundaries do not cover all the expenses and you intend to seekthe unpaid remaining expenses from your policy (the UM coverage)and not from the at-faulty party, then you must obtain permissionfrom your own insurance co. prior to lodging for the at-faultparty’s policy thresholds. As to the very first bulleted response above: thatperson should indeed find someone UNBIASED to seek advice fromother than the employee of the for-profit insurance company.

Can your auto insurance deny to pay because of no police report even tho’ other driver was ticketed and his car impounded?

it all depends onWHYthey are refusing to pay…can’t imagine only reason is no police report…..please provide me more info and i could be of more assistance to you……..

If you are an injured passenger in a car where the driver was speeding does the driver’s insurance company pay your medical costs?

should under the bodily injury portion of their liablity, however many exclusions could apply….more info would be of fine help (ie facts of loss, how you are connected to the driver, who wields the vehicle, state, etc), some states bar certain individuals from inj. claims, (spouses, residents of same household etc)

Can a person back pay non-owners auto insurance so they can display proof of insurance to retain their drivers license and how do they go about it?

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There is no retro active insurance. If someone is not insured at the time of the accident any penalties/legal deeds are valid.

Do you pay taxes on an auto insurance settlement?

I had a hefty settlement from an auto insurance company and it was not taxed. However I believe that was because my attorney negotiated a type of settlement that made it non-taxable. I thnk it has to be considered “punitive damages” or something like that for it not to be taxed. Update – Generally, amounts paid for individual injury and property harm are NOT taxable. Amounts paid for punitive damages and loss of income ARE taxable.

If an unlicensed driver has an accident driving your car and you have utter coverage auto insurance will it pay for damages?

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Yes, but the rates will most likely go up. Loaning a vehicle to an unlicenced driver is risky behavior that insurance companies don’t generallly like.

Can you put auto insurance on your drivers license?

The question isn’t fully clear. A license is needed to operate a vehicle. Driving skill is needed to get a license as there is generally a written test plus one to test actual driving capability. It is often required that the drivers license applicant produce proof of insurance that conforms with the state’s financial responsibility laws. If the applicant wields a vehicle, it must be insured according to the state’s requirements, and that proof of insurance must be shownIf the applicant does not own a car, he/she may obtain “non-owners coverage”. It generally pleases the requirements of state financial responsibility laws. In that sense, I suppose, you are “putting auto insurance on your drivers license”.

Who pays auto insurance on a teenage driver in a two household-divorced family?

The party responsible for the automotive insurance payment for achild of a divorced duo is dependent upon their individualsituation. Most divorced couples with children usually split anycost associated with the child meaning, that each parent would payhalf of the cost of the insurance.

Do student drivers need auto insurance?

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The response to this question is YES the student driver needs auto insurance because it is a requirement by the law that every driver, whether student or not, needs insurance. If you contact your insurance agent you will find out for the most part that the student driver needs to be listed on the insurance policy but they arenot charged any feesuntil they become a total licensed driver. This was the advise that I had received from my insurance company, which is Met Life.

In an auto accident does the insurance company pay damages to whom will do the repairs or to the individual driver?

It depends. In MOST cases, the insurance company will have someone (called an adjuster) assess the harm on your car and write an estimate. After that, your insurance company will contact you on which bodyshop you want the work done at OR sometimes they will pick one for you. The company will then contact the shop who will in turn contact you providing you the ok to bring the car in once they have the approval from the insurance company to begin figure work.

Who pays if a driver does not have auto insurance but the passenger does?

What happens when both drivers have no auto Insurance?

Then they have a choice to not drive anymore, or pay a lot to fix their car.

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How long does the insurance have to pay you for an auto accident?

If you still have a loan on the car, the money will go directly to the repair place. That is to protect the lender in helping to maintain the value of the car. If you are looking for direct payment for repairs that you are doing yourself, make sure you are presenting the charges to them in the manner they expect. It will expedite things.

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Can you get auto insurance without a drivers license?

You can’t legally drive without a driver’s license. But assumingyou own a vehicle that you still want to cover for physical damageyou should be able to get coverage. If you have someone else thatyou want to permit use of your vehicle then you could list them as adriver on the policy. Don’t drive without a valid license tho’.People do go to jail for being habitual traffic offenders. Obtaining Auto Insurance without a Drivers LicenseHere is some input from several contributors: The way to do it is over the phone. All you need is a check orcredit card, and a fax machine! Make sure you have all theinformation on your car available including the vehicleidentification number, the license plate number, year and make ofthe vehicle, and a Dl number (an ID number should work). Theyshouldn’t ask you to fax a copy of it. I have moved more than five times in the past Three years and all todifferent states and none of the insurance companies asked if I hada valid drivers license. They just desired some money for thepolicy. Don’t tell them you need it to get your license back. Youhave to have it even if your roomie uses it, or a granny, sister,etc. They will check your social security numbers to see if youhave had any accidents or have filed any claims. I don’t know if itshows up on a computer if the license is revoked. Just call around and check on some prices and see what happens. Allthe companies I write policies with (with the exception of one)require an MVR (motor vehicle report) before the policy is boundunless it’s an international license. In that case they will addpoints against the license since the MVR can’t be run. After thepolicy is trussed a copy of the license needs to be faxed in. If notthe policy is in danger of being cancelled or not renewed. A valid driver’s license will be uniformly required in order to getliability insurance. This is a type of insurance that protects youas the driver from liability to a third party for damages caused byyour own negligence while operating a vehicle. Insurers require alicense so as to ensure some minimal level of familiarity withoperation of a vehicle. That said, you may be able to get physicaldamage coverage for the vehicle even if you do not have a license.This includes losses due to collisions and those that come underthe comprehensive coverage, such as violated glass, hail harm, etc.In this respect, the insurance would insure your ownership interestin the vehicle, rather than fault from operating it. In fact, ifthe vehicle is financed, the lender may require that physicaldamage coverage be obtained so as to preserve the value of thecollateral. Yes you can. As long as your license hasn’t been permanentlyrevoked. You will have to get a non-standard policy however. Someless than reputable firms will issue you insurance withoutverifying your DL (as long as they make a copy). The problem comesif/when you ever attempt to make a claim on said policy. Automobileinsurance issued in your name is only valid if you have a validdriver’s license. Read the fine print. There are lots of reasons why someone would need insurance withouta drivers license. Say if you have a car, but cant drive it, andrent so don’t have homeowners insurance, you would want the carinsured if you were compelled to park / store it in an area where itwas likely to incur harm. Also, for people with revoked licenses,you have to send proof of insurance in to the state to get yourlicense back, so need to get insurance Before you can get yourlicense. Yes, you can get insurance on a provisional license and without anyas long as you state it when your getting quotes. Not necessarily, Most carriers will require you to have one but others can insureyou if you don’t or have had one suspended. Independent agents that suggest policies through numerous carriersare your best bet to obtain coverage.

Do you have to have med pay auto insurance in Virginia?

No, Virginia statute gives policy holders the option of buying or declining this coverage. See Virginia Code section 38.2-2201. However, an insurance company MUST atleast suggest this coverage to all of its Virginia policy holders in writing. See section 2202. For more information about this topic go to and check the FAQ and resource page.

Can Non driver homeowners insurance be on a drivers auto insurance?

Homeowners insurance is separate from auto insurance. You may get a discount if you buy both from the same company.

If you are in an auto accident and the other driver has no insurance and your insurance provider pays your claim do you need to have the auto repair done or can you keep the money?

No, you are not required to repair your vehicle. However, you might be disappointed if you practice another accident and further harm occurs. The insurance company may pay the claim differently since it cannot determine prior harm to current harm. However, if it is an older car and it is not significant, it is your judgment call.

Do all drivers need auto insurance?

No, but if you wish to actually drive a vehicle, you will needto have insurance on that vehicle. A driver must also have a validdriver’s license. Anyone who wishes to drive a car on a publicstreet needs to have that vehicle registered and licensed as wellas having liability insurance on that vehicle.

Do you pay taxes for auto insurance settlement?

A settlement is usually split into two parts, recovery of damages sustained, and ache/suffering (putative). For recovery of costs, the settlement is not taxed. For ache/suffering it is taxed.

Will my 17 year old son’s auto insurance go up due to a driving without headlights and teenage driver with passengers 14-96c and 14-36g?

It very likely will if he can’t do community service and get it expunged. If he can, then no it won’t. If the parents have a clean driving record and the son hasn’t had any tickets, then you should be ok. However, if there are more than Three reports on the insurance, i.e. speeding tickets, stop sign, crimson light, parking violations, DUI, etc, then it will most likely go up by about 10%. If there are Five or more reports, then they can put you on high risk coverage which will most likely come close to doubling the rate.

If no auto insurance will medical insurance pay?

If you have an auto accident and you do not have auto insurance with medical payments coverage for your injuries and medical costs, you may need to research the coverages available through your medical insurance policy. If you are not at fault for the accident that caused you injury, and the third party insurance provider has taken responsibility for the accident, the at fault party’s liability insurance should pay for medical injuries up to the thresholds on their policy. Because you do not have insurance, receiving a claim payout might require more work because you do not have an adjuster working for you. If you were at fault for the accident and you do not have auto insurance, you will need to speak with a representative from your medical insurance company to discuss the coverage provided under that policy. You may have a co-pay or a percentage you are responsible for depending on if you have an HMO or PPO.

How much do you pay for auto insurance with Nationwide?

457 dollars every 6 mo. with no tickets or accidents and born in the 1970 range.

Can you get a drivers license without auto insurance?

This response depends upon the country the driver is in. In the United States, Financial Responsibility laws exist in all, or in virtually all States. For the most part, these require a form of “no fault coverage”, which is designed to pay a portion of the medical bills and lost wages of those who were in the car at the time of the collision. That said, the “no fault” law of the state in question likely creates categories of covered persons who are, or are not, entitled to coverage under the policy. When one is entitled to coverage of this type, it is payable without regard to fault for the collision (hence, the name). Financial Responsibility laws may also require the maintenance of liability coverage, albeit sometimes, only property harm liability (not bodily injury). This type of coverage pays the third party who may have sustained loss or harm as a result of the collision if the insured was negligent. In cases where Financial Responsibility laws exist, it will be necessary for the driver’s license applicant to present proof that he/she has a policy of his/her own, or is otherwise covered under a policy issued to another person (such as a parent).

How long do you pay for auto insurance?

You pay as long as you would like to policy to cover you. Sometimes you can go monthly, but the policy will eventually cancel if they do not receive payment.

Who pays if a driver does not have auto insurance but the passenger does?

What auto insurance do you bill if you where a passenger in auto accident?

You should be talking to the insurance company that insures the vehicle you were a passenger in. If it was a single vehicle accident they will be responsible but if it wasn’t then the at fault drivers insurance would cover it.

How do you do driver rating factors for auto insurance?

Rating an auto policy is enormously complicated and has become more and more so as the years have gone by. I reminisce a time we figured the rates by arm but this would be very difficult now. I represent some companies that have up to 45 rating classifications and many other factors that go into figuring the rates. I can use a comparative rating software and rate 15 companies for one policy in seconds now.

Whose auto insurance will cover your passenger if they have no auto insurance?

Response 1: If you are driving with a passenger that does not have auto insurance or medical insurance, they can be covered under either your policy or the third party’s policy depending upon the situation. If you are found at fault for the accident, Medical Payments or Individual Injury Protection will pay the a portion of the medical expenses that you and your passengers incur up to the stated boundaries. If you carry Uninsured Motorist and are hit by someone with no insurance, this coverage will pay for injuries to you and your passengers as well. If you are not at-fault for the accident causing injuries and the other party has insurance, the third party liability insurance coverage will pay for injuries to you and your passengers based on the per person and per accident thresholds stated on the policy. Reaction Two: If the passengers are travelling in your auto and, if you are at fault in an accident, your insurance will cover them. If the other driver is found at fault, his/her liability insurance will cover your passengers.

Whose insurance will pay for death in auto?

It is usually the at fault parties insurance that pays. There may also be coverage in the deceased parties insurance.

Who pays the medical bills if you are involved in an auto accident where the at fault party has insurance and i was a passenger in car that was hit?

Most states require auto owners to maintain “no-fault” coverage; it is sometimes referred to as “Individual Injury Protection”. It is a first-party coverage, which means that one maintains it for their own benefit. No-fault coverage pays a percentage of the medical expenses and lost wages sustained by an injured part in an auto collision, and benefits are payable irrespective of fault. That is, your own coverage pays benefits even if you caused the collision. Depending upon the state in which the policy is issues, a deductible of some amount may be permitted. A deductible is the amount which the insured is responsible for paying before insurance benefits are triggered. A similar coverage, which pays over and above no-fault is called “medical payments” coverage. An extra premium is charged for this because it is an optional coverage. It also is a first-party coverage which pays irrespective of fault.

What is an extra driver on auto insurance forms?

The premium charged for auto insurance is determined by a number of factors. These include the identity, age, driving history, and other factors pertaining to the primary driver listed on the application. It is his/her operation of the vehicle that is principally covered by the policy. However, if it is the insured’s expectation that another person will periodically operate the insured vehicle, that other person should be identified on the application, and be included in the scope of the policy issued as an “extra driver”. Normally, an extra premium will be charged to account for the risk factors introduced by that person’s use of the vehicle.

Does auto insurance pay lien on totaled auto?

If an insured car is totalled the insurance company will issue a check made out to the lien holder and the proprietor jointly, both the lien holder and the possessor have to endorse the check to cash it. If the value of the car is more than the lien, the lien gets paid off and the holder gets the remainder. If the value is less than the lien, and therefore, the insurer pays less than the outstanding balance on the loan, the lienholder will be entitled to it. Additionally, the possessor will be liable for the balance owing after insurance proceeds are credited.

Will auto liability insurance go after a driver if they steal an auto?

NO, All auto insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for accidents and claims that arise from criminal activity other than normal traffic violations. Auto theft is a felony in the U.S. No Auto Insurance Company in the USA would be obligated to pay for a claim arising from the Insureds theft of another persons property.

Do you need auto insurance if you have a drivers license?

Only if you plan to drive a vehicle. This is generally the reason people get a drivers license.

Can you drive uninsured with a insured licensed driver in the passenger seat?

No, if the other person is driving the uninsured vehicle, then that person is still covered by their own policy. But, if you AND the vehicle are uninsured, then it doesn’t matter who’s in the passenger seat.

Can a insurance company not pay the claim on a auto accident and the passenger died?

There are legitimate reasons why an insurance company would deny a claim. If you were in the accident as the result of an illegal act for example, you had no license or a suspended license, etc.

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Does auto comprehensive insurance pay off and substitute auto?

Not as such. What you owe on your vehicle has nothing to do with the auto insurer’s liability, except to the extent that the lienholder is usually named on the policy as a loss payee. If your vehicle is deemed a total loss in a covered incident under comprehensive such as a fire, theft, etc. then the insurance company will pay per the terms of the policy. As stated in the policy, the insurance company has the option to repair, substitute, or pay the actual cash value of your vehicle. Actual cash value will be paid if the reasonable cost of repair exceeds a stated percentage of the actual cash value of the vehicle. That percentage is usually set by state law. Actual cash value harshly equates with market value of a similar vehicle in similar condition and similarly tooled. If the vehicle is proclaimed a total loss, the insurer will pay the lienholder very first and if the car is worth more than the loan balance the remainder will be paid to the insured. If the loan balance is more than the value of the vehicle, and thus, what the insured pays, the insured is responsible for the balance. then you have a problem. The company will pay the entire amount to the loan company but then you will still owe the balance to the loan company or bank. One of the ways to protect yourself from being responsible for the difference inbetween what the insurer pays and the balance on the loan, is through GAP insurance. It is a separate policy, for a separate premium. It pays the difference inbetween the insurance settlement and the amount remaining on the loan. It is usually suggested when the car is purchased and financed, but can generally also be obtained after the fact from a property and casualty insurance agent.

Who pays if a driver does not have auto insurance but the passenger does?

What is the auto insurance rate of a junior driver and an adult driver?

This is not a question that can be lightly answered. There are many factors that go into auto insurance rates. Age is a very significant one but so are driving record, years of driving practice, lovemaking, marital status, type of vehicle, prior accidents, etc.; as well as discounts for driver training classes, good student grades, numerous vehicles, claim-free, having your auto and home with the same company, etc. Of course, the adult rate represents the lowest but that can even be complicated. A single masculine is generally gets an adult rate as 30 while a female is at 25. A married masculine gets the adult rate at 25. It used to be that a married female got the adult rate at any age even 16 if married. Masculine and female rates have gotten closer and closer together in latest decades as women drive more. Reminisce that rate is determined by risk.

What are the auto insurance rates for teenage drivers?

Insurance rates depend on the type of car you are driving. Year, model and type and driver history all come into play when arranging prices . I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

What auto insurance caters to teenage drivers?

Companies like Allstate and State Farm suggest discounts for teenage drivers based on GPA, enrollment in certain classes or educational programs, as well as passing a parent’s earned discounts on to the teenage.

Had auto insurance other driver had no insurance and no drivers license and is sueing?

Sorry, but just because the other driver had no insurance or license doesn’t mean they were at fault in the accident. Anyone can sue for anything, it does’t mean they will win. Turn over any suit papers you get served with to your insurance agent instantaneously and they will treat it. Your insurance company will pay for any damages and will pay for your defense.

Does your auto insurance pay if you vandalize a vehicle?

If you are asking whether your own insurer will pay damages to the proprietor of a vehicle that you vandalize, the response is No. This is because insurance does not provide benefits for intentional acts. Instead, it applies to negligent (careless) acts. If you are asking whether auto insurance may pay for the repair of your car if it was vandalized by someone else, it may. An insurance called “comprehensive” coverage, that is usually sold in conjunction with collision coverage, will usually pay damages resulting from vandalism.

Why are drivers required to obtain auto insurance?

It’s a law that was passed. It’s now required to have auto insurance mostly so that it’s cheaper for you, if you happen to get in a wreck.

Can reckless drivers get auto insurance?

Yes, reckless drivers can get auto insurance, but it will be much more expensive than drivers who have a clean record. In the United States, all states – except for Virginia, Fresh Hampshire, and Mississippi – requireall automobile owners to have minimum coverage in auto insurance.

Is it worthwhile to have Med Pay on auto insurance?

Med Pay coverage pays medical expenses no matter who is at fault in the accident. If you do not have health insurance or if anyone who rails in your car may not have health insurance this coverage will help. Med Pay is usually not very expensive and pays for emergency room charges or more depending on what thresholds you choose.

What does an uninsured driver pay when hitting an insured driver?

If it is the uninsured driver’s fault in the accident, you can still file a lawsuit against the uninsured driver but you’ll only be able to recover from their private assets, which in many states won’t be much because many states permit you to shield many individual assets from this sort of recovery. You will also be filing a claim against your own Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage on your insurance policy.

Does a company driver have to pay for truck insurance?

For the company vehicle? No. Unless they’re one of these glorified sharecroppers known as lease operators.

Which companies have youthfull driver auto insurance?

There is a company called Only Youthful Drivers who specialise in suggesting insurance to the junior driver. They will carry out a risk assessment over the phone to suggest quotes to responsible youthfull drivers.

Which states do not require a driver to have auto insurance?

In the United States of America, all states do not require drivers to have auto insurance, however the drivers are still fully financially obligated to pay for any damages in an event of an accident.

Can an unlicensed driver get auto insurance?

Not all insurance companies will write a policy like this but some will. You might have to look a little but if you go to a duo of independent insurance agencies who represent many different companies then they will most likely be able to assist you.

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