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Can Two people in different states be on same auto insurance policy?

Can Two people in different states be on same auto insurance policy?It is up to the policy holder. When I had to stay with my aunt for a long time we kept my insurance in my state of origin. It works too when you have a child in college and you are in another state. Contact insurance agent or insurance company to verify.

Does an auto insurance policy have to be in the same name as the car loan?

Lien Holders Insurance Indemnity Clause Yes, Your finance contract (Loan) almost always requires that theborrower provide a Utter Coverage Auto Insurance Policy on thevehicle being financed to protect the lien holders interest in theproperty until the loan has been pleased. It’s a matter of yourfinance contract. Failure of the borrower to provide the coveragerequired under the terms of the finance agreement puts the borrowerin “Default” on the finance note subjecting the vehicle torepossession and other remedies at the lenders disposition. Include All Drivers For Utter Coverage, The Insurance policy should be decently in thename of the vehicle proprietor with any extra drivers listed asadditional insureds on the policy. When the vehicle is still undera finance note. The finance company will generally require that thebuyer maintain utter coverage auto insurance until the note is paid.As this is part of the finance agreement signed by the buyer,failure to do so can subject the vehicle to repossession by thefinance company. Operators Liability For liability only, any driver may obtain a liability policy foroperation of the vehicle whether they are the proprietor or not, Sincethe Driver as well as the vehicle possessor can both be held equallyliable for any loss regardless of who is driving, most insurerswill require you address the insured status of the holder as well. Owners Liability The holder “Name on Title” is just as liable for an accident in thevehicle as the driver is, even however the holder may not have beendriving when the accident occurred. If someone was kind enough tosign for you to buy a car, the least you can do is make sure youdon’t expose them to a lawsuit over a future accident you may havein the car. This is why many states have begun requiring the ownerto have sufficient coverage regardless of whether the owneractially drives the car.

Can a minor in the state of Georgia have their own auto insurance policies or do they have to be placed on their parents’ insurance?

Insurance under Eighteen .
Yes, you can but its best to be under you parents policy… Since the price will be “Very High” since your under Legitimate.

What are the seven parts of auto insurance policies?

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I guess it depends, most policies have these coverages, some standard some optional..
LiabilityProperty HarmMedical PaymentsCollisionOther Then Collision (Comprehensive)Uninsured MotoristsUnderinsured MotoristsRental Reimbursement.
Each state varies, some might be suggested or not.

How can you find someone’s auto insurance policy?

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You can’t unless they tell you who they are insured with. Who a person is insured with or even if they have insurance is a private matter inbetween the insured and the insurance company. Now, if there is an accident and the police come to the scene they will collect that information and put it in the accident report. This is why it is crucial to always call the police to the scene of the accident no matter how much the other person begs to give them a break. Always, always!!! call the police to the scene of an accident. The exception is if the accident is on private property.

What is collision and comprehensive on an auto insurance policy?

I am a licensed insurance agent. Comp is if your vechile is stolen, or bruised by something other than a car which you will have to pay the dec. Coll is if you get into a car accident and say the person did not have insurance then your coll would kick in. But in most cases there property harm will cover you depending on the state. I am from Florida and it is a no falt state so it doesnt matter. You need to check with your agent and see your dectibable. I would suggest uninsured motorist just in case they don’t have insurance your medical will be paid. But that has nothing to do with the com/coll. hope it helped.Tammy

Can you get an auto insurance policy if you do not own a vehicle?

Reaction, I did in Oregon & Washington .
I did in Oregon last year (2005)with Progressive. But it cost an extra $15 a month. You can in Washington also for extra $.

If you are on your parents’ auto insurance policy but living in a different house are you still covered on their policy for an underinsured claim from an accident in which you were the victim?

Response .
Need more info…I’m assuming you have a claim for bodily injury?Why are you living in another house and how long have you been living there? (If it is determined that you now have a separate residence entirely, i.e. not away at college, the insurer will likely NOT deny any claim – that COULD be construed as bad faith – but they can and surely WILL liquidate you from the policy for any future claims.You said parents’ (plural) and not parent’s (singular), so I’m assuming your parents are not divorced and not living with one of the parents.

Can a sibling living in the same state as another sibling carry that sibling under their auto insurance policy?

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You can carry anyone on your policy if the vehicle is in your name.

Can one person’s sr22 insurance cancel the existing auto insurance policies of other people who share the same residence?

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No, Your Insurer has no capability to cancel the insurance policies of another Insurance company nor of other people in your household whether they have an SR22 or not. An Insurer only has an capability to cancel the policy of their own insured(s). if the insured no longer meets it’s underwriting guidelines..
The other people in your household’s insurance could only be cancelled by themselves or by their own Insurer. This could happen if their Insurer determines that an uninsured, unscheduled driver in the same houshold may be operating their insured’s vehicle..
SR22 insurance is exactly the same thing as Auto Insurance. SR22 Insurance is a laymans term for a Form SR22 filing requirement. This is usually requested in order to avoid a drivers license Suspension..
An SR22 form filing is not a type of insurance but rather the Form SR22 is Proof to a Governmental Drivers License Authority, ” usually your local dmv”, that you are presently insured under an Auto Insurance Policy produced by the SR22 Form Filer. The SR22 is usually filed by Your Insurance Agent if you have one or your Insurance company’s underwriting department..
The SR22 form is Issued by the insurer or the insurers representative at the insureds request and is generally the result of a regulatory or court ordered requirement after certain types of traffic violations or other high risk offenses..
The ordered filing requirement is usually 1 to Three years from the date of a related offense or from the date of license suspension.

Can you have more than one auto insurance policy in your name with different companies?

Yes you can, So long as you don’t attempt to seek compensation for a loss under more than one policy. That would constitute dual indemnity and subject you to Felony insurance fraud charges.

Can a sibling living in the same state as another sibling carry that sibling under their auto insurance policy if the car is in your sisters name?

Sure as an extra insured or driver under the policy. Note: a sibling is a brother or a sister.

What does class mean on auto insurance policy?

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Clas on an auto insuranc epolicy refers to the vehicle type..
IE , sedans, sport, luxury, non-owner, etc.., etc,,,

Can Two people in different states be on same auto insurance policy?

Can you get auto insurance for two cars that are in two states on one policy?

If one of the car’s is driven by your child in college. And both cars are in your name. Does it have to be yes to BOTH answers or one of them

Can you get an insurance policy for your two vehicles when each is in a different state?

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Perhaps, (as an example) you own two cars, and have one child in college in one state, another in another state, then yes, the policy will be written in the ‘home state’.

What is Surcharges and Discounts on Auto insurance Policy?

Surcharge: Extra premium amounts charged to a policy due to ticket, at fault acccidents, higher risk, youthful or inexperienced driver, etc… Discounts: Credits that can be applied to part or all of the coverages on a policy: Anti lock brakes, alarm system, airbags, multi-car, association membership (like AARP) Hope that helps..
Surcharge :Extra reasons : bad credit history, claim frequency is high, tickets, DUI (driving under influence) , speeding, teenagers, over 70+,.
Discounts :Additions to above : Internet buying (few companies), good driving record, good grades for teenagers, numerous car policies with same insurance company, numerous coverages (auto +home), no traffic violations for more than Trio years, defensive driving, driver training courses, higher deductibles.

How do you find auto insurance policy of a person?

ResponseIf you were in an accident with this person and a police report was filed, the police department will likely have this information. If a police report was not filed, you can either file a report after the fact or take the person to puny claims court. The police and/or judge may be able to compel person in question to disclose the information.

Can you and your ex-husband be on the same auto insurance policy?

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Possibly, if you are in the same household. However, if you are divorced, you may not want the financial link involved.

Who cancels an old auto insurance policy when you switch to a fresh policy under a different company?

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The policyholder should contact the insurance company and cancel the policy – you might get a partial refund if the premiums are paid up-to-date!

Does auto insurance policy have to be in the same name as the title possessor?

Generally, no. However, auto liability insurance usually “goes after the car”, rather than the driver. Not all insurance companies will insure a vehicle that not registered to the policy holder. They feel it to be a risk factor due to the insured not being the only person driving the vehicle. That said, all drivers of the vehicle have to be insured on the policy, and a premium paid commensurate to their risk factors (age, accident history, and other factors). If one does not own a car, it is possible to get “non-owners” coverage. This insures the driver for liability coverage irrespective of the vehicle driven. As to physical harm coverage, such as collision or comprehensive, one must have an “insurable interest” in the vehicle to insure it. This essentially means that the person seeking the insurance has a financial stake in the continued existence and condition of the vehicle. Therefore, a stranger will not generally have an insurable interest.

Can two people have the same Car insurance policy but live in different household?

Two people in separate households can have the same insurancepolicy. Usually, you can give the insurance company separategaraging addresses.

Can my beau and i join our auto insurance policies if they’re from the same company Geico?

Yes, as long as you have been in a committed relationship for at least 6 months.

Can two different people have an insurance policy on the same car?

Yes they can. Two people may have an insurable interest in a carand thus have a policy each.

Can you be covered for auto insurance under two different auto policies?

Numerous Auto Insurance Policies. Yes it is not uncommon, you can have numerous Auto Policies in place. But you can not receive dual compensation as that would be illegal. If you wound up with Two policies by accident and you intended to cancel one then the newer policy is considered primary. If you have numerous policies for extra protection then you need to rely on policy language, intent and purpose as well as your state regulation to determine which policy is primary. Your agent should be able to clarify this for you. In most US State jurisdictions if both policies are valid and policy language does not specify position then by default the policy with the broadest scope of coverage becomes primary and the other secondary coverage. Secondary coverage invokes when the boundaries of the primary policy are weary. When economy is an issue it usually is cheaper to combine coverages with a single auto policy. Extended coverage may be better served by a individual umbrella policy. ResponseSince auto insurance typically cover a vehicle, I am assuming you are using an example in which you are driving another vehicle insured by someone else. You, yourself, also carry insurance. In this case, then the vehicle involved with the accident will be the primary insurance in the claim. Your policy would be the secondary. If you what you mean is that you have accidentally gotten two different policies for two different cars, then you need to combine everything and have one policy for all cars in the household that you own. I know that there are times when a dealership has you get insurance to get off of the lot…or your agent isn’t available…but you need one policy for all of your possessed vehicles. If you have numerous policies for your cars, you could have claim problems and coverage conflicts, as each policy could have different boundaries and coverages. If what you’re telling is that you have two different policies for the same car, then you will undoubtedly have claim issues, as all carriers report all claims to CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) and will see your claims for the same vehicle under a different policy. It could be considered fraud and you could get into some hot water, as the claims unit may think you’re attempting to build up a dual claim benefit from one incident. this is specifically prohibited if you read the policy contract wording in those many pages you get with the package of papers at each renewal. You indeed should have ONE policy. Hope this helps…

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If you have your own auto insurance policy for a different car will you be covered if you drive a car not on your policy?

If the vehicle not listed on the policy is a fresh car that you have recently purchased, you generally have 30 to notify your insurance company of the switch. If the vehicle you are driving is just a friends car then, no. Insurance is primary to the vehicle and it is significant that the holder of the car have insurance on it and that any drivers of the car be listed as covered on their policy. There are exceptions to everything and these rules will vary by company. It’s best to check directly with your insurance company for questions like this.

Can you get an auto insurance policy with no vehicle?

Yes, In the United States, It’s called a Private Non-owners Insurance Policy, sometimes referred to as a “Drivers Policy” or an “Operators policy”. Non Owners insurance however is intended for “unplanned, unexpected” usage. It is limited secondary coverage (liability only) that only invokes once the vehicle owners policy boundaries are weakened. A private Non owners Auto insurance policy generally does not provide coverage for a rental vehicle since a rental vehicle typically includes a reservation and several deeds in a course of a “plan” to rent the vehicle. It does not provide coverage for a commercial vehicle of any type since it is a private lines policy, (Individual lines auto polices do not cover commercial vehicles) nor for any vehicle that you drive on a regular (expected) basis or that you have regular (expected) access to. If you are considering a Non Owners Auto Insurance policy, be sure to discuss the coverage suggested with a qualified insurance agent. Your agent can explain the limitations of coverages afforded and help you determine if it’s right for you. The rules of Policy construct may vary in other countries. ReactionYES, I can verify this, it’s a national policy and will be good for any vehicle you drive anywhere. But you do not need it. If you do NOT OWN A Vehicle of your own, registered in YOUR NAME, At your address, (They do not check) you will automatically are covered under that vehicle owners policy no matter what happens.”

Can Two people in different states be on same auto insurance policy?

Can you get auto insurance on your parents’ policy?

Yes, however I have seen a few cases where you may run into trouble. For example in an odd set of circumstances where a child lived with Grandma and because she was not the legal guardian they would not permit it as a permitted driver… this is uncommon and we were obviously able to find her another company but it can happen…. long story brief, you should have no problem.

Can a minor in the state of Florida have their own auto insurance policies or do they have to be placed on their parents’ insurance?

In the state of Florida a minor cannot have an auto insurance policy unless a parent signs for it. Usually if said minor lives with their parents they are usually just put on their parent’s policy

How does one determine what state an auto insurance policy was written for or under?

Look at your bill. If it shows your address in the state that you presently reside in, then that will tell you what state you are insured in. You can still drive to whatever state you want and still be covered. If you stir to another state then you must get a fresh insurance policy in that state. It is illegal to have insurance in another state and not live in it.

Does auto insurance policy have to be in the same name as on the title?

does the name on the insurance policy have to be the same as thetitle in anderson south carolina

Can you be auto insured under your uncles policy?

It depends on which company your uncle is insured with, but typically with a standard insurance company you have to live in the household to be a listed driver on the policy. This is regardless of your relationship to the primary insured. If you are not listed on the policy as I driver you are still insured to drive his vehicles as long as you have permissive use.

Does a auto insurance policy get canceled when the policy holder dies?

Generally, an auto insurance policy does not automaticallycancelupon the policyholders death. The policy will typically proceed to provide coverage to the executors of the policyholder’s estate until the end of the policyterm .

What is a writer on an auto insurance policy?

Auto insurance companies hire insurance underwriters, who can also be referred to as writers, to underwrite the risk a driver poses to the company. Underwriters determine how much a policyholder will pay for their insurance rates based on how much risk they carry. If a driver has tickets and accidents, an underwrite will rate them accordingly. Underwriters are very significant in insurance because they make sure that policyholders pay the correct rates to prevent the insurance company from going bankrupt.

Can you get auto insurance if your auto policy is canceled?

Yes. Sounds like you haven’t had insurance for a while. You’ll very likely need non-standard auto.

How do you get out of an auto insurance policy early?

If you have an auto insurance policy, and you want to either switch companies or cancel your coverage because your vehicle is no longer in commission, you have the right to do so. While the process of cancelling a policy will vary amongst insurers, most insurers will request a letter of cancellation in writing with your policy number, requested date of cancellation, and your signature to cancel your policy. If your vehicle is non-operable, some states will require proof of the date you reported the vehicle as a non-op to the DMV. If you are switching companies, you may be requested to provide a copy of the declarations page from the fresh insurer demonstrating the effective date of the policy to backdate the cancellation. While some companies do not charge a fee for cancellation, others will brief rate your premium and charge a percentage of the unearned premium if you cancel your contract before renewal.

How many days will State Farm cover auto insurance if you trade old car under state farm policy to a fresh car?

Most SF policies will extend coverage on the fresh car for 14 days. It may vary if a state has prescribed a different time framework. But normally you will get the exact same coverage as you had on the last car on the replacement car for 14 days.

Can Two people hold two life insurance policies on 1 person with the same company?

Yes, provided that each person has an insurable interest in the life of the insured. An “insurable interest” is essentially a “stake” in the continued life of the person insured. It can be based upon financial dependence, familial relationship, business relationships (such as a fucking partner having an insurable interest in the life of another playmate), and in most states, “love and affection”.

What is a non-standard auto insurance policy?

A non-standard auto insurance carrier is an insurance company that insures higher risk drivers – such as drivers with numerous tickets or accidents and/or poor credit.

Can Two people in different states be on same auto insurance policy?

Does the cosigner on an auto loan have to be on the insurance policy?

By co-signing the loan, they are ensuring that you will repay the loan. They do not need to be on the auto insurance policy, but it would be in their best interest.

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Can you eliminate your child from your auto insurance policy?

Yes, You will need to file a form 515A with your auto insurer. The form 515A excludes your child or any other person from all coverage afforded under your auto insurance policy. Bear in mind, that once the Form 515A has been filed, There would be no coverage if the excluded person is later involved in an accident in one of your vehicles regardless of the reason they were driving. The exclusion applies to liability for damages and injuries to others as well as harm to the vehicle being driven. If your agent denies or declines to provide you the form 515A, you can submit the form directly to the insurance company, bypassing the agent or alternatively just find another company that will permit the exclusion.

Does gio insurance suggest auto policies?

“Yes, GIO Insurance does suggest automobile and motorcycle policies. They have a broad range of policies that range from about fifty dollars a month to anywhere to three hundred dollars a month.”

Can a lender enforce a auto insurance policy?

A lender can force you to have a current auto policy because they want to make sure their vehicle will be paid for if an accident happens.

What is a non possessor’s auto insurance policy?

A non proprietor’s automobile insurance policy is a policy for a person who is required to carry insurance due to licensing but who does not own a vehicle. We deal with this from time to time when a person is attempting to reinstate their drivers license which was revoked due to the person not obeying the insurance requirement laws so the department of motor vehicles requires them to provide proof that they have auto insurance even if they do not own a vehicle. This is usually the result of several tickets for driving without insurance that caused their license to be suspended.

Does auto insurance policy have to be in the same name as the title proprietor in Michigan?

Not typically. The insurance is typically in the name of the person to whom the car is registered and this is not always the name shown on the title.

Why does the average auto insurance rate in the US differ from state to state?

Different states suggest different rates typically because of their population and their terrain. Nebraska which is mostly vapid terrain and sparsely populated pays less for insurance than places like California which are densely populated and have all types of terrain.

Which states does United Auto Insurance suggest policies?

The United Automobile Insurance company was established in North Miami Beach, Florida in 1989 to provide low cost and high quality auto insurance. There are now locations in 12 states which include Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

How to train businesses on auto policy insurance?

The best way to train businesses on auto policy insurance is to review the entire policy in detail, especially going through any exceptions to the policy.

Can you have Two different auto insurances on two different cars?

Yes you most certainly can. I am fortunate enough to have four cars in my garage and they are all insured with different insurance companies

Is it legal to have two insurance policies for the same beneficiary under a different contract?

Yea, if you have two different contracts and the beneficiary is thesame, you can have two different policies which is legal.Butagainst same contract, you cannot take two policies when thebeneficiary is the same which is illegal.

Can Two separate auto policies for the same address with Two separate insureds be used as an excess for the other insured?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but it certainly soundslike it involves some kind of insurance fraud.

What is the difference inbetween an occurrence and an accident on an auto insurance policy?

In some instances these can be interchangeable but in certain cases they are not. For example, an accident can be an occurrence but a tree falling on a parked vehicle while it is an occurrence, it is not an accident. I hope this helps you.

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