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What is the least expensive car to insure?

What is the least expensive car to insure?An older American made vehicle, low pony power.

If you have a family car and an expensive sports car that only you will drive what type of insurance or insurer will cover the sports car?

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If you already have insurance on the family-car, then you can put the sports car on your insurance and tell them you will be the only driver of the sports car. Make sure no one else gets caught driving the car by the insurance company (wreck, etc.). Or look in the yellow-pages in your phonebook, and call several car insurance companies. They should be able to tell you. Always call Trio or more places to get the lowest deal you can, depending on what plan you want or qualify for.

What is the least expensive most reliable car make and model?

Chevy CavalierMost least expensive reliable car I can think of is a 1990-1995 Chevy cavalier. You can get a decent one for about $1,000-$1,500. BMW 528iYou can consider a used car if you indeed want a least expensive car. You can attempt to car classifieds to know all the details about the used car you are buying check the internet and compare prices. Subaru Legacy / Impreza /Outback /BajaMid 90’s models range from Two,500 to Five,000, but suggest exceptional reliability. You may spend more than 1,500 but would be much less likely to send it to a mechanic anytime soon.

Why is it more expensive to insure a crimson car?

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It is not more expensive to insure a crimson car. That is presently a myth. It may have been a factor in the past as people thought that people who bought a crimson car were more at risk for speeding and accidents, but that is not the case. If you get quotes from insurance companies they will not ask for the color of the car, or if they do it is only for record keeping and will not factor into the cost of insurance..
Factors that do matter are the year, make, model, bod type, engine size and age of your car, as well as drivers on your policy.

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Which color car is most expensive to insure?

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There is an Urban myth that crimson cars are associated to higher insurance. This has never been proven and can not be supported with any factual evidence. Your safe with any car color. crimson is the most expensive car colour to make since it has flakes of gold in it to give it its crimson color, as for insurence, i dunno

We have no insurance for meds. Where is the least expensive place to buy Adderall xr?

Adderall is a managed substance and can’t be purchased legitimately anywhere but a local pharmacy. It’s a bit of legwork, but the simplest way to find a good price is to call around. It’s also significant to make sure you’re getting the generic equivalent of Adderall rather than the brand name (Adderall is far more expensive than the generic, called Amphetamine Salts). My insurance company’s website has a comparison of local pharmacies and what they charge for particular medications; it’s possible you might be able to find a similar comparison contraption online. .
There are also prescription assistance programs, and if you qualify, you can receive medications at a diminished cost. Your doctor or pharmacist should have that information, and you can also look it up online. The upper income limit is five times the poverty level (which for a family of three is about $54,000), so the program is fairly generous in terms of who qualifies. .
Whatever you do, DO NOT buy Adderall online. It’s very illegal and potentially dangerous, because any online pharmacy that will sell it to you might also be sending you a counterfeit drug that is at best ineffective and at worst dangerous.

Is car insurance more expensive if you have a Class B license?

It depends on points, practice, ect. Generally, however, it will depend on the company itself. Some companies may say, for an example, “This driver has more practice with automobiles, so he/she is less likely to be involved in an accident”, while others may not care. There are pleanty of examples where it works either way.

What is the least expensive car?

In the U.S. it is the Nissan Versa 1.6 S at $11,750 for the base model.

What cars are the most expensive to insure?

Im not sure which is the most expensive, but uncommon, limited, classic cars can be expensive, lets take the McLaren F1 car for example, this is a uncommon, expensive, limited car wihch cost more to insure than buying the car itself. Mainly it is expensive to insure powerfull, sporty cars.

What is the safest least expensive car for teenagers?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as of 2014,some safe, affordable cars for teenagers are, the Subaru Tribeca/B9Tribeca 2006 and later; Volvo XC90 2005 and later; Volkswagen Jetta2009 and later; and the Buick LaCrosse 2010 and later. Also on thelist is the Honda Element 2007 and later.

Will individual medical insurance or car insurance pay medical expenses in an auto accident?

Your choice, depending on which coverage is better. Attempt the auto insurance very first. but reminisce, their job is to minimize costs, and sometimes you have to go where they send you. they may have thresholds depending on the policy and state laws. your medical coverage is designed to cut costs by keeping you alive and healthy to keep paying them. they don’t make money off dead people or people too sick to work and keep coverage. they will usually end up paying for long term issues, especially if they don’t pop up right away or if a pre existing conditioned is worsed. how much wor$e is the back anguish, truly? you should go through the auto insurance if its drastic, expensive, extensive care. if its minor aches and anguish just pay your Ten$ or $20 copay and go to your primary care physician (your doctor). if you get hurt in an accident, go to the closest hospital right away, don’t delay or the ins co may attempt to loophole out of paying you, thinking scam alert. i once tapped a duo in their 50’s when i was 16 and only driving for a few months. he slammed on his cracks after realizing he was about to miss his turn. at 20 miles in a 25 (it was 200 yards after a turn) i hit a pile of raw leaves next to a stone wall and skidded into them. i was sited no fault as i could not get off the road or go into opposing traffic (why they stopped). they were complaining about how hard i hit them and she was telling he already had a bad back and now this. the office on the scene asked them did they want him to call them an ambulance to take them to a hospital. She said right away no, they were going to their own doctor. after they left the cop told me they would be trouble. but they were denied due to lack of physical proof and officer testimony. so the moral is because some scam, they reason all are potential scammers until proven actually hurt.

Is the insurance of a black car more expensive then a silver car?

Rates are determined by a multitude of factors, however color is not one of them. Driving history, year/make/model, credit history, where you live, etc determines the rate.

Why is your car insurance so expensive?

because if you get in a wreck…your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident. because if you get in a wreck…your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident.

What is the least expensive car to insure?

How expensive is car insurance for a 17 year. old boy?

The best thing to do is get on your parents insurance because their premiums will raise less than you would pay for on your own. If you want to get some quotes for yourself, go ahead. I have linked an effortless site that leads you through the quote process with tips for keeping your premiums low.

Is car insurance more expensive when using for business?

Typically Yes, this is because people who use their vehicle in the course of business present a higher risk than people who just drive to work and then drive home.

Is a Two door car more expensive to insure than a Four door car?

Yes, because insurance companies think that because its a two door it is more sporty and in turn you will very likely be more likely to speed in it.

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Who sells the Best car and least expensive?

There are fairly a few very good and inexpensive cars today. The Nissan Versa at less than $Ten,000 is about as cheap as you can get and it is a good car for the money. The Chevrolet Cobalt is another good inexpensive puny car, as is the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Ford Concentrate. You will get lots of opinions on which car is the best. IMO the 2009 Cadillac CTS is about the best all around car you can buy today.

What is the least expensive car in the world?

FordVery likely any of the imports like KIA or Hyundai. Ford is way up there on the price scale.

What is the most expensive car insurance quote ever?

I went on esurance today to get a quote and it was $1200 per MONTH! I thought that was the most expensive ever, that is just a little less than we presently pay per year so I think they might have a problem with their computation…

Your son almost 20 bought his very first car Does he have to get his own car insurance which is expensive or can the parent get car insurance for him and just add him as a driver?

That truly depends on the situation. Most car insurance companies permit parents to pay for their son’s car insurance IF he is living together with his parents AND that the car is garaged with them. If his son is living independently with his own car and has his own home where he can garage his car, then he will be paying his own car insurance. Any wrecks resulting in claims or ticket points will be held against the parent’s premium if he is merely included on their policy.

What is the least expensive car insurance for a youthfull driver?

I think one of the best ways to find the least expensive car insurance would be to do a search online There are many insurance websites online which suggest price comparisons and quotes. This is the easiest way to research what each company offers and the various types best for youthfull drivers. Parents also place their their teenage or adult on curfew which can drop their insurance rates. Parents who keep rigorous on youthfull drivers help in decreasing the amount of accidents that occur. Getting cheap car insurance can come in the form of few extensive driving tests because the insurance companies think they will be good drivers. So after passing these tests, there are chances the insurance companies can lower the cost of insurance for youthfull drivers. Glad to help you.

Is it least expensive to insure a older car?

Only because you can get away with liability only on an older vehicle, which reduces your cost. You need total coverage on a newer vehicle. Rates are based off alot of different factors. Not only the type of car, but what city your in (crime, stolen vehicles). Sports vehicles can be higher. Even if you insure a vehicle that is reported stolen alot could make even an older car alittle more to insure. If you have a bad driving record or a teenage driver could also cause an increase.

Is car insurance more expensive on a truck?

Truck insurance generally costs more than insurance on a regular passenger car….. if both policies were alike in coverage amounts.

Is a convertible car more expensive to insure?

Usually yes. Convertables are usually very petite and smaller cars don’t do the driver so well in a car accident.

How much does the least expensive MAYBACH Car cost?

The cheapest Maybach (luxury car company made by Mercedes-Benz) is the Maybach 57 with a price tag of $ 341 750, in 2nd the 57 s with a cost of $ 381,250, in third it’s the 62 costing $ 392,750, in fourth it’s the 62 s costing $ 432,250 and last but not least the most expensive Maybach is the Landaulet with a price tag of over 1,350,000 million dollars.

For Tax purposes Could I expense car payments and the insurance for car you use to get to your auditions?

If you use your car in your job or business and you use it only for that purpose, you may deduct its entire cost of operation (subject to boundaries discussed later). However, if you use the car for both business and individual purposes, you may deduct only the cost of its business use. You can generally figure the amount of your deductible car expense using one of two methods: the standard mileage rate method or the actual expense method. If you qualify to use both methods, before choosing a method, you may want to figure your deduction both ways to see which gives you a larger deduction. Please refer toPublication 463 , Travel, Entertainment, Bounty and Car Expenses , for the current standard mileage rate. If you use the standard mileage rate, you can add to your deduction any parking fees and tolls incurred for business purposes. To use the standard mileage rate, you must own or lease the car; the car must not be used to transport persons or property for compensation or hire, for example as a taxi; you must not operate five or more cars at the same time, as in a fleet operation; you must not have claimed a depreciation deduction using the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) on the car in an earlier year (including any extra first-year depreciation or “bonus depreciation” or any method other than straight-line for its estimated useful life; you must not have claimed a Section 179 deduction or the special depreciation allowance on the car; and you must not have claimed actual expenses after 1997 for a car you leased. You cannot use the standard mileage rate if you are a rural mail carrier who received a “qualified reimbursement”. Further, to use the standard mileage rate for a car you own, you must choose to use it in the very first year the car is available for use in your business. Then, in later years, you can choose to use the standard mileage rate or actual expenses. However, for a car you lease, you must use the standard mileage rate method for the entire lease period (including renewals). To use the actual expense method, you must determine what it actually costs to operate the car for the portion of the overall use of the car that is business use. Include gas, oil, repairs, tires, insurance, registration fees, licenses, and depreciation (or lease payments) attributable to the portion of the total miles driven that are business miles.

What is the least expensive car to insure?

Does insurance on a classic car is more expensive than on a regular car?

usually less as your not using it for an every day driver and you can put the value on the vehicle that you want to be insured, if it’s worth $30,000 you insure it for that amount.

Is car insurance more expensive if the car does not have airbags?

If your car does not have air bags, yes – your insurance will be more expensive, all other things being equal. To put it simply: If you have air bags, that’s a discount.

Why is insurance more expensive for a sports car than for an economy car?

sports cars are quicker than an economy car so they think you will speed and that makes you more likely to get in an accident

What is the least expensive type of life insurance?

progressive is cheap and indeed good with people in dept and car insurance there the number 1 insurance in the us hope this helped save your cash progressive

Why is car insurance for youthful drivers so expensive?

Car insurance is more expensive for junior drivers due to the fact that their lack of driving practice makes them a higher risk. Insurance companies charge based on a number of factors that contribute to your overall risk as a customer.

What cheap contents insurance company is least expensive in north western part of Alabama?

Contents insurance, otherwise known as renters insurance, has rates that vary widely by company. Check for some superb comparison shopping specfic to your area. State Farm typically has very competitive rates as well.

Is it expensive to purchase car insurance in Fresh York?

Average car insurance rates in Fresh York are difficult to give a ballpark number for, not because its expensive, its just the prices vary dramatically depending on where you live and what agencies available to you. for example the aver price of insurance in Queens ranges from 400 to 1500$ on average and the average cost of insurance in Manhattan in 1100 to 1900 $. The best advice I could suggest for getting the best rate is to shop around alot for the best quote.

What is the most expensive and the least expensive building insurance?

historic buildding and vacant building are expensive to insure. Vacant historic buildings are very likely the most expensive. Occupied homes in States which are not flood prone are the cheapest to insure.

Why is car insurance for an Audi so much more expensive than other cars?

Actually, Audi car insurance tends to be less than many other cars of the same (luxury) class but will be more than cars of different classes because they are luxury cars and thus more expensive to purchase. The more expensive a car is to purchase, the more it will be to insure.

Is mercury car insurance less expensive than Geico?

The price of the insurance can be less than geico, and more than geico. It all depends on your individual records, cars, and what plan you choose. they may not be cheaper due to bad record.

How much more expensive is European car insurance than American car insurance?

“European insurance is generally more expensive and varies depending on what part of Europe you are in. Since there is broadbased rates across Europe, checking with the Country’s embassy or the American Embassy in that country can be most helpful.”

Is Swinton Car Insurance expensive?

Swinton Car insurance is a company that serves the residents of the United Kingdom. It’s cheaper than most insurance companies over here because they have a cash back program.

What is the least expensive car to insure?

What is the least expensive GPS tracker for a car?

The least expensive GPS tracker I could find is the Garmin Nuvi 1200. It can go for as low at $Sixty nine.95. Other GPS tracker systems can sell for over $100.

Why is car insurance expensive for junior drives?

Statistics do seem to indicate on a consistent basis that the Drivers with less practice have more frequent accidents.

What 2007 model car is least expensive to insure?

I’ve been a property and casualty insurance agency for about 28 years now and in my practice one of the lowest cost vehicles to insure is a domestic mini-van especially the Dodge Caravan. The symbol for a plain Dodge Caravan is a 1-3. Note that the vehicle itself is not the only factor when computing the insurance rate but based on the cost symbol if all other factors are the same, physical harm coverage is less on these vehicles than any others I have seen.

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Why is car insurance more expensive for drivers under 21?

Insurance rates are derived from claims statistics. The reason that car insurance is more expensive for drivers under 21 is that drivers under 21 have more accidents. Most likely this is due to inexperience but it is a fact that junior drivers do have more accidents.

Why is car insurance for youthful drivers more expensive?

It is generally assumed that junior drivers are less experienced and therefor not as safe on the road as other drivers. They are also seen to be more likely to be racing or engaging in dangerous driving activities such as toasted driving or texting and driving. There are some insurance companies that will lower rates for youthful drivers excelling in school, however.

What factors can influence how expensive car insurance is?

Several different things are taken in to consideration when an insurance quote is drafted. Age, driving record, amount of time you have had a valid license, if it is on a family policy, if you are married and how much you drive per year are all things that can increase or decrease the amount you pay for car insurance.

Which used Ford car is the least expensive the Concentrate or the Fiesta?

The Ford Fiesta is presently the least expensive inbetween the two vehicles. The difference inbetween the two vehicles of the same year is about two thousand dollars.

Why is car insurance for sports cars so much more expensive?

This is due to the greater likelihood of accidents taking place which involve sports cars. This means that the risk of a claim being made against the insurance company is higher, and so they charge a higher price to cover their risk.

Why is car insurance more expensive for a prompt car?

A car insurance is more expensive for a rapid car because it will have more lightly accidents. On the other forearm, a slower car will not have accidents so often on average.

Why is car insurance for youthfull drivers often expensive?

There are a few reasons why youthfull drivers pay more for car insurance. The largest reason is that they are inexperienced and therefore a higher risk for an accident.

What is the price of the worlds least expensive car?

As of 2013, the price of the world’s least expensive car is $2200. This car is the Tata Motors Nano. This car is manufactured in India and designed to be affordable and fine on gas.

Are imported cars expensive to insure?

Imported cars are generally more expensive to insure. This is due to having to pay for the extra cost of shipping over parts in case an accident occurs.

What is the least expensive make and model car in us?

The least expensive car in the U.S. is the Nissan Versa 1.6 S whichhas a base price of $12,800. The 2nd least expensive is the 2014Chevrolet Spark LS at $12,995.

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